Terms and Conditions

  1. If you have the stock or mandate to sell the item, then only list it for sale. And post an item to buy, only if you have a confirmed purchase order.
  2. Please ensure to upload actual picture of the item you are selling.
  3. Specify minimum order quantity in your Sell listing and other specifications of the items in details.
  4. Before doing any buy/sell deals, please check track history of the buyer/seller, and enter into formal agreement for quality, delivery and payment and other terms. Farmfirst is only providing the information of buy/sell leads, Farmfirst is not responsible for non-payment or delivery issues of the deals closed through the leads from Farmfirst.
  5. If you are listing an item to buy or sell, your contact number can be viewed by other users of Farmfirst and they have to right to contact you directly.
  6. Contact numbers of all listings from India are without country code, if you are calling from outside India to a listing from India , add India's country code +91 to the number.
  7. Please check the market price before posting a buy or sell listing. If posting an item with major difference with Market price, we will reject your listing, we may not call you for verification also. Kindly note that Farmfirst is a wholesale market place. Quantity and price should match to that.
  8. If any user is asking samples , please charge him at the market rate.
  9. If we are getting negative feedback about you or your listing, we will remove your listing and won’t approve your posting in future also.
  10. Listing with green dot represents new or unread listing.
  11. How To become a verified user: please upload the following documents to your profile in Farmfirst Mobile App- (this feature is available in Version 2.5 and above ) or email: info@farmfirst.in . Please send or upload this after submitting the listing. This needs to be submitted only once. This is an optional requirement
    1. Your Identity proof. (Driving license / Voter ID/ Adhar/Passport)
    2. Address proof (if it is a firm or company, then that address proof)
    3. Registration and TIN proof or IE code ( in case of company/firm)
    and email us in - info@farmfirst.in to complete the verification process, else listing will be approved with a message as "verification pending".
  12. Refund/Cancellation Policies
    Subscription Charges once paid will not be refunded, in case of any issues in viewing contact details of any listing , will check the issue and resolve it, else will extend the subscription period depends on the issue.
  13. Items you can list on Farmfirst ,
    1. Vegetables
    2. Fruits
    3. Spices
    4. Pulses
    5. Cereals
    6. Processed agro produce
    7. Plants/Seedlings
    8. Oil
    9. Flowers
    10. Seeds
    11. Milk & Ghee
    12. Fish
    13. Egg
    14. Animal Feeds
    15. Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides
    16. Packing material for agro commodities
    17. other items like Coconut Shell, Wood, Charcoal etc